Photo Competition Winner!

Happy Friday everyone – well what a week it has been!

Who knew that so much could change in the space of a week. When we published our blog last week there was not much more than a whisper of a cold spell coming our way this week. That cold spell turned out to be the Beast from the East as it’s been coined. It has become quite an apt name and we hope you haven’t been affected too badly by the weather.

Hopefully by this time we have gotten through the worst of it – but just remember to be safe and don’t take any unnecessary risks if you don’t have to. In the end it really isn’t worth it!

Photo Competition Winner!

Now its the moment you’ve all been waiting for! This year we kicked off a new version of our Photo Competition which gave the opportunity for someone in the Oakley Vale community to win £50 – as well as secure an extra £50 for the Oakley Vale Community Centre.

Our first theme for the year was Wintertime – and how appropriate that the competition closed this week, when we had some of the harshest wintery weather in years!

The competition was close and we had some great entries from a range of different people – but we’re pleased to announce our winner for this edition is Paul Finn! With his picture of a bird perched amongst the snow. It is a beautiful winner!



We want to say a big thank you to all those who entered – and a special congrats to Ella Sager and Alan Kane who came a close second with their wonderful photos.

We’re thrilled with the success of this first Photo Competition of the year and hopefully our next iteration will be just as successful.

The next theme we want to explore is Springtime – and you can start submitting now! So once we lose this snow and ice, we’d love to see your pictures of Daffodils and maybe even some of the lambs you can find in the nearby Great Oakley park.

Until next week – stay warm and safe!

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