How to be more green

We hope you have enjoyed the week and are looking forward to another bank holiday weekend despite the weather not looking too promising…

This week we will be sharing some top tips on how you can be even more environmentally friendly!

5 green top tips:

  • Carry a reusable bottle or travel mug. This will not only reduce the amount of single use plastic you throw away but could mean you could also get a hot drink for a reduced price (e.g. Prett)
  • Try out different brands that offer an environmentally friendly alternative to the product you’re after. E.g. Denttabs offer a toothpaste alternative: small tablets that you chew and turn into a paste, then brush like normal. They come in eco-friendly packaging (no plastic!) and use less chemicals too
  • Save your crisp packets to make eco-bricks! These can be sent off and used to build furniture, walls and even entire buildings!
  • Grow your own herbs and vegetables

Weekly Growing Sessions:

The Hazlewood Neighbourhood centre in Corby does weekly Growing Sessions, where you’ll learn how to plant and tend to herbs, potatoes, tomatoes, courgettes and beans ready for harvest in July.

The food you help to grow will then be harvested in late July and cooked by three local chefs from different cultures represented in the town and served to the public at a community feast in Coronation Park during Corby’s Grow Festival – what a great activity for all the family to get involved with! To find out more visit their Facebook page: @GrowCorby

Photo competition:

Now that we’re in to May, there are just over two weeks left to enter the Oakley Vale Photo Competition.

The winner will receive a £50 prize, with £50 also being donated to the Oakley Vale community centre. Remember to get your entries in before the 17th of May when the competition will be closing.

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