Green space is good for your health

This week is Mental Health Awareness week, so we wanted to share some facts about the positive effects of green space on your mental health and wellbeing.

The benefits of green (and blue!) space

Research from the University of Oxford says that green space provides natural stimuli – trees, water and plants – which promote involuntary attention, allowing the brain to disengage and recover from cognitive fatigue. This relates to many common mental health problems including stress, anxiety and depression.

Symptoms of ill mental health also include feeling anxious and isolated, but studies show that a walk round a green or blue area (blue areas include lakes, reservoirs and natural water) relaxes the mind and body and increases social interaction – reducing the feeling of isolation. There are many benefits of being exposed to green and blue areas. If you want to find out more visit:

Green space at Oakley Vale

At Oakley Vale we are happy to offer lots of green and blue space for our residents to relax and unwind with a lake, trees and lots of green space. There is also a children’s play park which is surrounded by lots of greenery!

Daniel, who moved to Oakley vale in May 2017 said: “It’s probably the nicest area in Corby, I enjoy the ability to walk to Tesco in 20 minutes, Brooke Weston is a 15 minute walk and I like the green spaces and walkways.”

If you’re interested in looking at what other people have to say about the homes in Oakley Vale, or to view some of the current homes for sale please visit the ‘houses for sale’ page.

Don’t forget!

For all of you who have entered the Oakley Vale photo competition, good luck! And for all those who are wanting to enter the competition, it closes at 5pm today, so make sure to submit your entries soon to ensure you don’t miss out!

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