Growing your own greens

This weekend was the Corby Grow festival! The weather wasn’t great it has to be said, but regardless it was lots of fun and a great day out for all the family!

It’s good to be green!

Despite the festival being a great way to get all the community to come together, it is also setting a great example, encouraging people to grow their own fruit and vegetables. Buying your fruit and veg from a supermarket contributes greatly towards toxic carbon emissions that harm the environment.

If we look at each stage of the production such as the growing of the fruit & veg, transportation, packaging, retailing and cooking as well as the maintenance of the land they grown on, it makes sense that it accounts for nearly 30 percent of our carbon footprint in the UK.

Gardening keeps you fit and active whilst also giving you that element of relaxation whilst being outdoors. It’s great for your mental health, giving you time to focus on something else and destress from the daily pressures of life! You can start off small by planting some basil indoors or even a chilli plant (Top tip: they can also double up as a great ornament or table topper too!).

Not only is it environmentally friendly, great for your mental health, but it can be lots of fun and believe it or not, rewarding! Sitting down to eat a soup garnished by your homegrown basil or using your own carrots for your Sunday roast will give you a great feeling of achievement.

Homes of Oakley Vale

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