School’s out: Reflecting on a challenging but champion year!

Welcome back to another one of our monthly blogs!

This August, we’ll be taking a look back over the last couple of weeks and highlighting how our schools, pupils, teachers and parents have come together to champion our children’s education at the end of term – we’re so proud!

We also have an extra-special announcement on our photo competition so don’t go anywhere, you don’t want to miss this…

‘A Place to Learn’ in style

There can be no doubt that the last few months have been difficult for our schools and others across the world, but they certainly didn’t let that get in the way of their end of term celebrations!

At Oakley Vale Primary School, Year 2 pupils enjoyed their Sports Day and showed teamwork, determination, and resilience all throughout the day. There were some huge throws in the javelin too!


Year 1 pupils at the school were lucky enough to receive 60 teddy bears thanks to Barratt Homes! The pupils shared their home grown produce with the bears at a picnic to celebrate the end of term and you can read more about the heart-warming story here.

Also at Oakley Vale Primary School, pupil, Molly kindly organised a fundraiser for Lakelands Hospice! Thanks to her hard work and generosity, she managed to raise £50 for the hospice – well done Molly! You can read more about her here.

Elsewhere, at the Brooke Weston Academy, four Year 12 students, Adwoa Abeka, Stanley Evans, Oli Hackett and Holly Marshall, were appointed as the school’s student leaders for the coming year. Well done, we wish you lots of success in your new roles!

Looking forward, we can’t wait to see how our superb students get on with their A-Level and GCSE results later in August – good luck!

A snap away from £50!

Since World Photography Day 2021 falls on Thursday 19 August, we thought now would be a fitting time to announce our NEW photo competition theme! So without further ado, we can reveal that The Summer Season is our next theme!

We want to see your most creative pictures that showcase summer life in Oakley Vale. It could be a picture of a homemade cocktail, the wildflowers blooming in Oakley Vale, or a picture showcasing the newfound freedom now restrictions have finally eased!

For those of you who haven’t taken part before, the Oakley Vale photo competition gives you an opportunity to win £50 for your photos of Oakley Vale! All you need to do is head over to our page here, follow the instructions, submit your photo, and then the public will decide the winner. The £50 prize is even matched by an equal donation to the Oakley Vale Community Association!

The deadline is September 30th so what are you waiting for? Get snapping!

Don’t forget to have your voice heard

Finally, we just wanted to remind you of our community survey! We launched it to get the local community’s view on how our website and social channels can best serve the residents of Oakley Vale, and we would love to hear your feedback too if you haven’t already had your voice heard.

It covers questions on our website, social media, and how you’ve found Covid-19 but shouldn’t take any longer than ten minutes to complete.

To help us out, ensure you’re the one driving forward change, and give your views, take the survey here.

Remember to share it far and wide with your family and friends so we can get their views and feedback too!


All that’s left to say is that we hope everyone has a great month! Remember to keep smiling and stay safe – see you in September!

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