Local resident donates oak tree saplings to Oakley Vale Primary School

Matt Vickers, a local resident who lives a couple of miles away in Danesholme was looking to home his oak tree seedlings and found the perfect place at Oakley Vale Primary School.

In a heartwarming initiative to promote environmental awareness and a love of nature amongst young students, Matt took it upon himself to grow oak tree saplings and generously donated 15 of them to the nearby school.

In his quest to find a home, Matt invited anyone willing to come forward in a social media appeal. We helped Matt to find the perfect recipients by spreading the word on social media.

His endeavour will not only beautify the community but also provides an invaluable opportunity for children to plant their own trees that they can nurture and watch grow.

The acorns were retrieved from the local community and once sprouted in saplings, Matt shared them with the school, as well as among family, friends and several locals who wanted to contribute to their community.


Hear from local resident about importance of trees

Matt said: “Many people do not understand the importance of trees. A single tree can provide habitat for insects, spiders, bats, hedgehogs and birds to name but a few, not to mention vital shade in the hot summer months. I wanted to give back to our neighbourhood in a meaningful way, and sharing these saplings with the schools and other locals to plant and nurture encourages us all to play our part in looking after our ecosystem.

“Trees help to capture and store carbon from the atmosphere, helping in a small way, to combat climate change – which as recent global events have proven, needs to be addressed sooner rather than later. This initiative gives young students a sense of environmental responsibility and shows them that even small actions can have a big impact on our planet.”


Future plans for the community

The school was delighted by the idea. Pupils who are part of the schools’ Eco Committee have been regularly watering the rest of the saplings and they will soon be planted out into larger pots. The school is planning on donating the trees towards Oakley Vales’ local community or parks in the Autumn term.

Laura Medley, Eco Committee Lead and Primary School Teacher at Oakley Vale Primary School, part of Brook Weston Trust, said: “We enjoy being part of Oakley Vale’s Eco Committee because we like the fact that we are helping our environment. It has been an honour to receive these Oak saplings to look after and we hope to give them to our local community.

“We also enjoy recycling materials so they don’t end up in landfill. One particular product that has been a success is our battery recycling scheme which you can find out more about on our website.”

This was a remarkable display of community spirit and generosity. Matt added: “Trees can help to minimise the risk of flooding, as they draw up a lot of water from their roots. Their fruit can provide an essential food source for squirrels, deer, jays and magpies in colder months.

“It is truly wonderful that with the help of Oakley Vale Primary School, the saplings will be returned back to the community for future generations to enjoy.”

Find out more about Oakley Vale Primary School here. Keep up to date with whether Matt has anymore saplings or seeds to plant on offer by following him on twitter (@Mattymoosta).