Happy New Year: Welcoming in 2022 in Oakley Vale

From all of us here at Oakley Vale, we hope you had a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year! There’s no doubt that last year was tough at times, especially adapting to the impacts of Covid-19, but we’re so excited for 2022 and all the anticipation and promise it brings. This month, we […]

Christmas comes to Oakley Vale

Happy December everyone! Can you believe we’re just one month away from 2022? It’s been another strange and uncertain year – but we hope it’s been filled with more highs than lows for you and your family. Before we get to the new year, we wanted to give 2021 a final squeeze and highlight all […]

Lots to (finally) see and do this November

With just two months to go till the end of 2021, it’s a time of year typically filled with tradition, events, and celebration. This year, we’re delighted to see so many exciting happenings back in Oakley Vale following the Covid-19 pandemic and thought this month’s blog would be the perfect time to announce our top […]

World Teachers’ Day: Another Year of Terrific Teaching in Oakley Vale

Can you believe it’s already October and time for our next monthly blog? Since it’s World Teachers’ Day tomorrow (5th October) we want to celebrate our incredible teachers across Oakley Vale and recognise the commitment, dedication, and enthusiasm they show day in and day out. To mark the occasion, we take a look back into […]

Results Day Success for Oakley Vale Students

Hello and welcome to our September blog! This month, we look back over the last couple of weeks and celebrate the long-awaited A-Level and GCSE results day. It was another difficult year due to Covid-19, lockdowns, and restrictions but we’re so proud of our students across Oakley Vale who proudly opened up their envelopes and […]

School’s out: Reflecting on a challenging but champion year!

Welcome back to another one of our monthly blogs! This August, we’ll be taking a look back over the last couple of weeks and highlighting how our schools, pupils, teachers and parents have come together to champion our children’s education at the end of term – we’re so proud! We also have an extra-special announcement […]

Summer fun awaits… we hope!

Hello and welcome to the July addition of the Oakley Vale blog – we hope you’ve been keeping well and safe. This month, we can keep our fingers crossed for the final easing of all Covid-19 restrictions and hope for the chance to see all sorts of summer fun in Oakley Vale once again. But […]

Spring into Summer!

Hello and welcome to the June addition of the Oakley Vale blog! Summer has well and truly arrived – although you couldn’t tell with some of the rain we’ve had, the world is full of bright colours, everything around is flourishing, the birds are singing, and there’s lots more to do and see in Oakley […]

Share a Story Month – Stories That Make Oakley Vale Special

Welcome to the May edition of the Oakley Vale blog – we hope you’re all keeping well and are making the most of this lovely English weather… May is here at last which finally means (providing the Covid conditions are met) that we can socialise with family and friends indoors once again. It’s been a […]

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