I love it here because...

Oakley Vale is a vibrant community with lots to love and be proud of – whether it’s the long list of community clubs and classes that you can attend at the local Community Centre, our excellent local schools that provide a great education or the beautiful parks and walks just a stone’s throw away from home.

But one of the best things about Oakley Vale are the people. We wanted to tell their stories and hear what they love about living in Oakley Vale. If you want to contribute a profile you can do so here.

Emma Goodwin, Principal of Oakley Vale Primary School

Oakley Vale Primary school was opened in September 2008 to serve the local community of Oakley Vale in Corby. In September 2013 it joined the Brooke Weston Trust.

It is great to be part of a relatively new community which continues to grow in diversity. We are very fortunate to have a great site of which the school is built which allows the children to have a creative learning environment both inside and within the grounds.

Oakley Vale Primary school is special because it recognises the potential of everyone within it and supports both children and adults to achieve their full potential. Children are able to learn in a creative and inspirational environment. The children and staff are caring towards others and work hard with many fundraising events both nationally and locally. The school has raised money for Lakelands Hospice which is very close to the school.


I would describe Oakley Vale as:
Creative, aspirational, ambitious, opportunist & collaborative.

Residency: I have been Principal of Oakley Vale since September 2014, so just over 3 years.

Claire Sager, Local Resident

We previously lived in Northampton in a small cottage and as an expanding family needed a larger home. Initially, it was the affordable properties that attracted us to OV. After visiting the area we were surprised how much we loved it! The fact that everything was on our doorstep, the green space, picturesque landscape, schools, shops etc and the regeneration of Corby town centre.

We have a lovely spacious family home, in a quiet cul-de-sac. It is perfect for our children, feels safe, has as amazing community feel and within minutes of beautiful scenery. I love landscape and nature photography and Oakley Vale is an ideal base to venture with the kids. The people of Oakley Vale / Corby are amazing, generous and kind-hearted.

I would describe Oakley Vale as:
A fun, family friendly community

Residency: I’ve lived here now for 11 years, with my partner and 2 daughters.

Sam Sheppard, Local Resident

We were looking to buy a house and at the time were living in Buckinghamshire and couldn’t afford the type of family home we desired. We were also wondering why we were staying in an area that we were unsure was the right place to stay as a family. We thought it would be the right time whilst our kids are young to look to move away and Corby came up as an area that could be a possibility. It was when we were driven down to and through Oakley Vale following an estate agent for a house viewing that we totally fell in love with the place/Oakley Vale itself.

We are happy here. The way Oakley Vale has been designed with its green space and pretty landscape. The houses aren’t all on top of each other and there is a real family feel to the place. It’s kept nice and the journey to school and my husband’s work is so much better than the stressful commutes we all had where we lived before. Life is very happy for us and Oakley Vale plays a big part in that because the environment is lovely and people are friendly. Great community feel!

I would describe Oakley Vale as:
Spacious, Pretty, Happy, Family-themed, Community.

Residency: My husband and I and our kids moved to Oakley Vale last summer, so have been here and in Corby for around 6 months.

Caroline Hutchinson, Local Resident

My husband (Paul) and I were born, bred and had lived all our lives in Leeds, West Yorkshire but last year we decided to move to Northamptonshire, to be nearer to our Son, his lovely wife and two beautiful Granddaughters. They also live in Oakley Vale.

When we were planning our move we looked at many locations but we kept coming back to Oakley Vale as we loved the feel of the area. We love taking our two Granddaughters for walks by the lakes and seeing the wild life. Everyone is so friendly and says hello.

With us not living here for long we’re only just getting to know what’s going on. Oakley Vale.com has been so informative. It is our ‘’Voice of the Community’’  If I hear of anything up and coming this will be the first place I will share the info.

I would describe Oakley Vale as:
A lovely place to live

Residency: Just over nine months

Peter Kirkbride, Former Associate Principal at Brooke Weston Academy

I was appointed to be the Associate Principal of Brooke Weston Academy.

Brooke Weston was founded in 1991 with the support of Hugh de Capell Brooke and Garry Weston, and the school owes a great deal to their foresight and generosity.

Hugh de Capell Brooke was a local land owner who donated the site and substantial cash underwriting to ensure the building began. He and his family committed more land to complete the environmental developments around the site including the Newman Library. A strong supporter of Brooke Weston, Hugh de Capell Brooke died in 2014, but his family continues to take a very active interest in the achievements of all our students.

Garry Weston was chairman of Associated British Foods. He died in February 2002 and is remembered for his unfailing support for Brooke Weston, of which he was always very proud. His generosity extended beyond the initial sponsorship; he supported the initial construction of the astro-turf, the humanities and ICT block and the Newman Library. The Weston family continues to be strong supporters of all that we do.

Brooke Weston Academy has very close ties to Oakley Vale. We are an outstanding school that sits at the heart of the community. There is a strong community culture in the Oakley Vale and we are proud to be part of this vibrant community.

Brooke Weston Academy has an amazing history and reputation. A outstanding Academy with almost 1300 students aged 11-18 years. It has provided an outstanding education to the young people of Kettering and Corby for 25 years. Brooke Weston Academy’s success led to the development of the Brooke Weston Trust which now has ten schools, both Primary and secondary, with the majority in Corby and Kettering. All of the schools are working relentlessly to improve the life chances of the local students.

I would describe Oakley Vale as:
I have two [words] but I think they describe Oakley Vale perfectly – Vibrant and friendly

Residency: Just under one year

Paul Marlow, Fundraising Manager at Lakeland Hopsice

Lakelands Hospice opened to patients in 2001 after the founder trustees spent 14 years raising the £1.2 million needed to build the facility, the land on Oakley vale was donated to the community by the developers and council. Since then the hospice has continued to grow in size and number of services offered in part due to the generosity of the Oakley Vale community

The Oakley vale community are very supportive of the hospice, it’s very humbling to witness the many ways people support the charity. For me personally I enjoy the community spirit that’s evident as I walk around the vale either on hospice duty or when walking my dog.

Lakelands offers care for people diagnosed with any life limiting illnesses, to compliment this we also offer, bereavement support and counselling, carers support groups, Heart failure programme, COPD support group, Hospice at Home care, Holistic therapies, Hypnotherapy, massage and general community support.

I would describe Oakley Vale as:
A vibrant caring supportive community 

Residency: 17 Years

Chris Storey, Local Resident, OVCA Treasurer, Venture Autism Ambassador

I was brought up and lived in Kettering all my life and decided its time to buy a home but it’s difficult for first time buyers.  At the time I was a window cleaner working for my brother Mark when one day we was cleaning the Kings Oak Builders Show home in Kettering, the salesperson explained the big Oakley Vale housing project of 3,000 houses in Corby so went to take a look.  I really liked what I saw so decided to buy and was a great opportunity to start my own window cleaning business.

We have so much greenery, Lakes and landscapes it’s a stunning place of natural beauty.  I like the fact there are so many people from many areas of the country living here and I have made many friendships with them, it’s been good to feel part of the community I give back to it by serving on the OVCA and Venture Autism Social and Wellbeing Group.

Oakley Vale Community Association, Venture Autism Social and Wellbeing Group meets every first Wednesday night of the month at Oakley Vale Community Centre.  There is a boys and girls youth football team. The Scouts movement meets here weekly and Mash dance is popular in Corby.

I would describe Oakley Vale as:
The ideal place to live

Residency: 15 years

Cllr. Judy Caine, Borough Councillor

I moved up from London in 2006 with my partner and young son for a better quality of life and cleaner air. Living in a terraced house on the Heathrow flightpath not far from the Hanger Lane  Gyratory did leave us somewhat environmentally ‘challenged’.

Have some great friends here, enjoy running my media training company – HD Media CIC – and get a great deal of satisfaction being a local councillor. I also enjoy helping with the challenge of building a community on a new estate and am a trustee of the Oakley Vale Community Centre.

I Can’t wait to see the 3 newly commissioned Sculptures coming to Oakley Vale soon as part of the Corby Sculpture park initiative put together by the Oakley Vale Arts Panel. Check out the Oakley Vale Community Centre facebook page or local press for updates.

  • Join the Oakley Vale Community Association – I was a founder member of this organisation in 2006 and it’s still going strong with great leadership.
  • Get involved in the Oakley Vale Community Centre – they are currently looking for more trustees and volunteers.
  • Become a member of the Oakley Vale Arts Panel.

I would describe Oakley Vale as:
Growing, fun place to be.

Residency: 11 years

Paul Balmer, Community Association Chair

I had taken a job peripatetic teaching in 13 local schools and needed a family home in Northamptonshire. Judy was at that time a full time mum and we were keen to take our two year old away from the increasing environmental pollution of West London. Oakley Vale seemed ideal.

Oakley vale has huge potential. We have a landscaped environment with fresh air and lots of diverse families with many stories to tell. The challenge is to get to know each other and create a real sense of community. I feel this is a 20 year project and we are 10 years into that. Gradually we are making friends, can find a local plumber and someone to fix a windblown roof. It takes time but starts with a willingness to engage.

I would urge everyone to join the local community association – established 10 years ago we have managed to effect many changes with a strong lobby on local matters, noise pollution mitigation from the A43 extension being one example. More important however is the talking that goes on at our meetings and perhaps most important the young people of ‘The Oakley Rangers’ youth music group – who represent our future.

I would describe Oakley Vale as:
Vast potential, lots of hope

Residency: Judy and I have lived on Oakley Vale for 10 years along with our son Karl who is now aged 12.

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