A Place to Learn

We all know that, if you’re moving your family to a new area, the first thing you think about is the schooling. You want to know your child can settle in quickly, comfortably and most importantly thrive in their new environment.

Well, on all those fronts, Oakley Vale is perfectly placed for success. Corby as a town is home to multiple brilliant schools, and Oakley Vale itself is home to an award-winning secondary school and an eco-friendly primary. Alongside great nurseries, there’s educational provision to meet the needs of children of all ages.


From an acorn to an oak tree with award-winning education.

If you’re a family in search of an outstanding local school, Oakley Vale and Corby has a number of options for you to explore.

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Brooke Weston Academy

Corby is investing in its future and ensuring its status as a flourishing 21st century town. This is reflected nowhere better than in the schools available in the Oakley Vale area.

Our community boasts one of Northamptonshire’s highest performing secondary schools in the Brooke Weston Academy. The Academy is also a centre of excellence for teacher training and seeks to enhance the quality of teacher training across the county.

Last year, a large number of the school’s Year 13 students achieved a grade profile consisting of A*, A and B grades. Over 85% of students secured university placements, with the remainder opting for professional or vocational apprenticeships.

For GCSE students, the positive story was much the same. A majority of students achieved grade profiles of 7, 8 and 9’s – and over 120 students have stayed on at the school to enter their sixth form studies.

Alongside the outstanding Brooke Weston Academy, there are a number of excellent educational facilities serving Oakley Vale residents. While the next phase of development for Oakley Vale includes plans to build another primary school to support the growing local population.

Explore some of our schools below.


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Busy Bees Nursery

Busy Bees Nursery provides first-rate care for children from 0-5 years old. There is a large garden for outdoor play and an on-site chef to meet all of the children’s dietary requirements. Located next to Oakley Park’s main shopping district at Charter Court you can run errands after dropping off your children.


Oakley Vale Primary School

Oakley Vale Primary School

Oakley Vale Primary School, a state-of-the-art eco-friendly school complete with rooftop solar panels, opened in 2008 to support the growing community of Oakley Vale and now educates 420 local children. The school joined the Brooke Weston Trust in September 2013 and continues improve on its existing success.





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Corby Primary Academy

Corby Primary Academy, located on Butland Road, opened in September 2013. It currently teaches around 100 pupils and is growing organically. Rated an ‘Outstanding’ school by Ofsted in 2015, the Academy was praised for its quality of leadership, teaching and the achievements of pupils.

The next phase of development for Oakley Vale includes plans to build another primary school to support the growing local population.


Brooke Western Academy 2

Brooke Weston Academy

Located in the centre of Oakley Vale the Brooke Weston Academy, rated ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted in 2011, is one of the country’s best state schools. Opened in 1991 by Hugh de Capell Brooke and Garry Weston, the school of over 1100 mixed pupils has been a huge success story for Oakley Vale. In 2019, almost a third of all grades were awarded the higher 9-7 grades. Brooke Weston’s exceptional Teaching School Alliance provides expert training and personal development for all teachers of schools in Northamptonshire and beyond.

Corby Buisness

Corby Business Academy

Corby Business Academy is renowned for being one of the most improved schools in the country, having now achieved an Ofsted rating of ‘Good’. Since being opened by the Brooke Weston Trust in 2007, Corby Business Academy has gone from strength to strength and is on the road to becoming outstanding. A regular school bus service runs between Oakley Vale and the Academy.

Corby Technical School

Corby Technical School

The Corby Technical School is the first state-funded secondary Free School in Northamptonshire and was designed for young people who have shown an aptitude in technical subjects such as engineering, electronics and computer programming. The school was opened by the Brooke Weston Trust in 2012 and has already been rated an Ofsted ‘Outstanding’ school.