I love it here because...

Caroline Hutchinson

Local Resident

What is your name?

Caroline Hutchinson

How long have you lived in Oakley Vale?

Just over nine months

What brought you to live in Oakley Vale (up to 50 words)?

My husband (Paul) and I were born, bred and had lived all our lives in Leeds, West Yorkshire but last year we decided to move to Northamptonshire, to be nearer to our Son, his lovely wife and two beautiful Granddaughters. They also live in Oakley Vale.

What do you love about living in Oakley Vale (up to 50 words)?

When we were planning our move we looked at many locations but we kept coming back to Oakley Vale as we loved the feel of the area. We love taking our two Granddaughters for walks by the lakes and seeing the wild life. Everyone is so friendly and says hello.

What groups and activities in Oakley Vale would you recommend to other people (up to 50 words)?

With us not living here for long we’re only just getting to know what’s going on. Oakley Vale.com has been so informative. It is our ‘’Voice of the Community’’  If I hear of anything up and coming this will be the first place I will share the info.

If you were to describe Oakley Vale with five words, what would they be?

A lovely place to live