I love it here because...

Paul Marlow

Fundraising Manager at Lakeland Hospice

What is your name/role?

Paul Marlow Fundraising Manager

How long have you lived/worked in Oakley Vale? 

17 Years

What brought the Hospice Oakley Vale, how long has it been here?

Lakelands Hospice opened to patients in 2001 after the founder trustees spent 14 years raising the £1.2 million needed to build the facility, the land on Oakley vale was donated to the community by the developers and council. Since then the hospice has continued to grow in size and number of services offered in part due to the generosity of the Oakley Vale community

What do you love about living/working in Oakley Vale?

The Oakley vale community are very supportive of the hospice, it’s very humbling to witness the many ways people support the charity. For me personally I enjoy the community spirit that’s evident as I walk around the vale either on hospice duty or when walking my dog.

What groups and activities take place in Oakley Vale/the Hospice?

Lakelands offers care for people diagnosed with any life limiting illnesses, to compliment this we also offer, bereavement support and counselling, carers support groups, Heart failure programme, COPD support group, Hospice at Home care, Holistic therapies, Hypnotherapy, massage and general community support.

If you were to describe Oakley Vale with five words, what would they be?

A vibrant caring supportive community