I love it here because...

Sam Sheppard

Local Resident

How long have you lived or worked in Oakley Vale?

My husband and I and our kids moved to Oakley Vale last summer, so have been here and in Corby for around 6 months.

What brought you to Oakley Vale, was there anything that made it stand out?

We were looking to buy a house and at the time were living in Buckinghamshire and couldn’t afford the type of family home we desired. We were also wondering why we were staying in an area that we were unsure was the right place to stay as a family. We thought it would be the right time whilst our kids are young to look to move away and Corby came up as an area that could be a possibility. It was when we were driven down to and through Oakley Vale following an estate agent for a house viewing that we totally fell in love with the place/Oakley Vale itself.

What do you love about living/working in Oakley Vale?

We are happy here. The way Oakley Vale has been designed with its green space and pretty landscape. The houses aren’t all on top of each other and there is a real family feel to the place. It’s kept nice and the journey to school and my husband’s work is so much better than the stressful commutes we all had where we lived before. Life is very happy for us and Oakley Vale plays a big part in that because the environment is lovely and people are friendly. Great community feel!

If you were to describe Oakley Vale with five words, what would they be?

Spacious, Pretty, Happy, Family-themed, Community.