Oakley Vale Community Association – congratulations!

In 2016 Oakley Vale Community Association celebrates its 10th year.

The association play an important role by holding bi-monthly general meetings which allow residents to get involved and have their say on local issues.

We are sure some of you will have attended these meetings and appreciate all the hard, excellent work the association does to develop and promote a sense of community in Oakley Vale.

To mark the anniversary the association is holding a special event at the Oakley Vale Community Centre on the evening of Saturday 3rd December.

Everybody who has been part of a community building locally during these 10 years is invited to go along. There will be live music, drinks and a buffet.

If you need further information please contact Paul Balmer at paul@musiconearth.co.uk

The next regular association meeting is on Thursday 16th December when they have a new police inspector as a guest and the winning sculptor for Oakley Vale’s artworks phase 1.

Once installed, this commission will become a feature in the area, invigorating civic pride and creating a distinctive landmark for all living and travelling through the area as well as creating Oakley Vale as a destination.

In other news, we hear the new vicar for Michael & All Angels Church, Father Anthony Searle, has made a positive impression on the community and we wish him continued success in his role as Priest in Charge of St Peer and St Andrew Corby and St Michael Great and Little Oakley. Father Searle was previously the Assistant Chaplain at Oundle School.

If you have any Oakley Vale events or news we can share on this website and via our ‘Your Oakley Vale’ social media channels then please do get in touch via info@wpe.spd.agency

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