Speed awareness in the Oakley Vale area

We hope everyone is having a good Friday and is looking forward to the weekend.

Unfortunately it is a somewhat more serious blog that we are writing this week – regarding speed awareness in the area. This is something we were planning on doing when a resident in Oakley Vale raised the issue of cars driving at speeds sometimes well above the limit on roads around Oakley Vale.

One of the roads raised in particular was Butland Road which is regularly traveled by children heading to and from school, as well very young children and parents attending the local nursery. It is on this road that it looks like there was an incident very recently We hope nobody was badly injured, but it certainly brings home the very real need for awareness in the area.

The issue does appear to be on the radar of local police who have said they are working with the Safer Roads Team on the roads within and around Oakley Vale regarding speeding offences. However, it’s important for us in the local community to be aware of the speed limits on our roads and take all the care we can to ensure there aren’t more incidents like the one seen recently.

The vast majority of people are very safe and considerate drivers, but we all have days when we are perhaps stressed, tired or in a rush to get somewhere. It’s important to put in perspective the risks we may be taking in order to gain a handful of minutes.

We welcome any awareness ideas that you think could help online – whether that’s here on our website, or via our Facebook or Twitter pages – and lets hope this situation improves before another accident occurs.

Other News

Don’t forget a local anti-litter initiative, Corby Clean & Proud, was launched last week. Corby Clean and Proud is a business-led campaign that looks to bring the community together to raise awareness about litter and to take all the steps we can to ensure it is reduced.

It was launched by The Mayor of Corby, Leader of the Council and a number of local businesses and community leaders – including our very own Emma Goodwin the Principal of Oakley Vale Primary School! She was recently profiled on our I Love it Here page. You can pledge your support to the campaign and receive a free window sticker and certificate by email [email protected].

Finally, a little reminder that our Photo Competition closes at the end of this month! We’ll stop taking entries on the 28th February and shortly after this we will announce the winner – who will receive £50 – as well as £50 going to the Oakley Vale Community Centre.

Have a happy and safe weekend everyone!