It’s Spooky Season

Hello and welcome to the October edition of the Oakley Vale blog! While it might not be the usual, spectacularly spooky season we all love this year, there are still plenty of ways you can have fun while avoiding the spread of Covid-19. In this blog we will suggest some ideas for doing just that, as well give an insight into our local centre survey and signpost advice and guidance if you are anxious about the new restrictions. So, let’s get right down to it!

Have Fun While Staying Safe

Across the country it is becoming clear that Covid-19 cases are rising again, meaning some Halloween traditions may look slightly different this year.

But all is not lost, there are still lots of ways you can celebrate the festivities while keeping your loved ones safe from the pandemic. Have you considered a ​spooky movie night in, pumpkin decorating or even baking some Halloween treats?

If you’re creating costumes, decorating pumpkins, indulging in Halloween-themed treats or doing anything else spooktakular and indoors, we would love to see and encourage you to send us your snaps so we can share them online. We can’t wait to see your creative efforts!

World Mental Health Day

It is fine to admit that all the constant news surrounding Covid-19 can be unsettling and negatively affect our mental health. At Oakley Vale, we think it’s important to communicate valuable advice and above all, reassure you that we will get through this together! World Mental Health Day is this month and with the added stress of the pandemic, we thought this would be a perfect opportunity to signpost you to some extra help if you are struggling. You can find some useful information about mental health here.

Even though it is spooky season, try not to freak out about Covid-19 too much. Remember, there is still plenty to smile about – like World Smile Day 2020 on 2nd October! In honour of this charming day, we are inviting you to share images or messages of what makes you smile. Please do get in touch with us on our website or social media, we will be sharing our favourites online so keep an eye on our channels!

Local Centre Survey

As you may remember, in our September blog we announced that we had an incredible response to our local centre survey, racking up almost 900 responses and we couldn’t be happier!

So, what did you all vote for? Well, we can now reveal that some of the most requested facilities were a doctors surgery, gym, breakfast café, post office and community centre. This information has now been passed on to Great Oakley to be taken into account when drawing up more detailed plans for the new local centre.

In light of Covid-19 restrictions, we also wanted to explore how the people of Oakley Vale feel about working from home or having access to an office space. While many of you are looking to work from home both full and part time in the future, (344 of you to be exact) there was still lots of interest in potential office space that could be rented.

Nearly 80% of you also highlighted your love for green open spaces with beautiful parks and walks just a stone’s throw away – that came as no surprise, we love them too! 

Quality of housing was also high on your love list and with plenty of stunning new homes being built in Oakley Vale, we don’t blame you! It is no secret that Oakley Vale has been designed with the future in mind. The energy efficient, modern housing blends in with the landscaped green spaces, lakes and footpaths, offering the perfect place to live. If you are thinking of moving to Oakley Vale, go and check out our housing page to see for yourself – why wait!

All that’s left to say is that we hope you have a great rest of the month as we make our way into October!